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As we know, lockdown has caused big problems for sellers. Businesses must still cover their overheads, despite locked doors and the huge problems facing them. The answer may lie in online selling. The fiasco surrounding Brexit import duties and delivery holdups for EU customers is another factor to consider. People want straightforward purchases, without extra charges and hassle.

In fact, online retail giant Amazon are opening a ‘fulfillment centre’ in Ireland in 2021 to overcome this problem – read more here

Help is at hand – now read on..


Industry news. Feb 2021.

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Trading Online Voucher Scheme – New terms apply
Get up to 50% refunded from your local LEO for adding e-commerce or online payment option to your website – click here to read Kilkenny LEO statement

Feb 2021. Another lockdown announced for Ireland.

Canny Irish sellers are reaping the reward of the boom in lockdown online purchasing. It’s not too late to start. Additionally, Brexit has brought import charges and delivery problems for EU shoppers, including those in Ireland. Shoppers are avoiding the UK online shops and going to German ( or other European websites..

If you can supply products online, why not start now?

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Read more by clicking graphic. Contact me to see if your business can go eCommerce. Setup costs from €3k.

E-commerce or online shops can be effective and are easily added to a WordPress website. WooCommerce is the most popular.

  • Accept online payments through PayPal, Stripe etc. Although online sales are not as high as you might be led to believe, e-commerce can be a good way so sell items (or digital downloads) from your website to a wide audience.
  • The initial setup takes time and money (and I include image Alt Tags for SEO) but updating afterwards is straightforward and you can do this yourself with practice.
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Did you know? For the first time, 2018 saw ecommerce sales overtake traditional retailers in terms of sales. Source: Internet Retailer. Covid-19 has changed the retail landscape, with online sales rocketing.

eCommerce Case Study, Kilkenny:

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Moth to a Flame Candles is a well-established craft business but had a very limited online presence. It needed:

  • Extensive product photography – (portable studio set up in workshop).
  • A new WordPress website.
  • An online shop (we chose WooCommerce).
  • These were all developed in conjunction with the owner and founder member of Made in Kilkenny craft group, Larry Kinsella.
  • Setup costs were recouped in 5 months.

Record sales over Christmas 2020 and regular orders since, offsetting the costs associated with a lockdown shop.

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A great new online presence for 2019 will help offset seasonal sales and create a new market for Larry’s beautiful products.

  • Google page ranking has dramatically improved due to my SEO work. The online shop orders have already increased through Instagram posts and a Christmas popup shop in Kilkenny, promoted on Insta and Twitter. Setup costs have been recouped within 6 months due to online sales. Flat rate shipping makes multiple purchases attractive to buyers (weight limited).
  • Larry’s foresight (pre-Covid) means he is still trading online while the bricks & mortar shop is closed. He had record (online) sales for Xmas 2020.

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Did you know? – a matched funding grant of up to 50% is available from your Local Enterprise Office up to €2500. You can take your sales online via a Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

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