Email flyer design

WARNING – did you know that you can be blacklisted as a ‘spammer’ if you send out bulk emails with attachments?

The solution is to use remotely-hosted web pages as mailshots. The images the recipient sees in an emailed mailshot are not attachments but are actually links to images hosted on your website, so you are not in breach of internet spamming rules if you use these types of mailshots. If you’ve bought something online, chances are you will receive these regular mailshots.

  • I can design you a compliant mailshot (and even host it for you on my own website if you don’t want to give me your website login details).
  • I forward you the completed mailshot and you forward it to however many people you wish.
  • You can design the graphic or I can do it for you based on your branding.
  • Recipients click on the graphic or button to go to your website landing page*
  • Clickthrough rates from email are around 3%, while clickthrough rates on tweets are roughly 0.5%. Therefore you’re six times more likely to get a clickthrough from email than you are from Twitter.

*Note: It is best to send people to a specific landing page rather than your homepage so they don’t have to search your website.

My charges start from only €75 per new email mailshot or a bulk discount per item is available for regular emailed mailshots.

Contact me for more details.