Video production

“Video makes website visitors 144% more likely to choose your business”. Source: Internet Retailer Magazine


Video is a neglected method way of boosting your business online. Here are some good reasons to use video.

  • By placing a short YouTube video on your website, you create more engaging content, meaning people stay longer on your website and are more likely to make contact with you.
  • YouTube video can also provide a ‘live’ backlink to your company website – so they can click to visit your site – and Google will list this link in search results.
  • Hosting the video on YouTube will help with your Google Page Ranking when people search for your products or services. Google owns YouTube and is very quick to list video in search results.
  • ‘Video’ can be simply still photographs, animated to create interest or a combination of video footage with stills. You don’t need a full movie production.
  • For a relatively small outlay, you’ll have a lasting gateway to your business website.

Video SEO is very important. I optimise YouTube video for search results with Title and Tags and a backlink to your website. It’s amazing how few companies do this, despite paying for a product video..

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Video can be footage or a simple slideshow

Slideshow from my photographs, taken for – from my own photos and a couple of Silestone product photos, linked back to Stoneworld website in Description.


Moth to a Flame hand made candles, Bennettsbridge, Kilkenny. Workshop sequences from Made in Kilkenny craft group plus my own stills and text added. Uploaded to YouTube with Backlink to company Facebook Page.


Notes: Kilkenny City scenes, shot over a couple of visits.

For a relatively small outlay, you’ll have a lasting gateway to your business website which will boost your search results.


The growing audience for online video –

since the birth of YouTube, online video has become an increasingly important element in any content marketing plan. For business operators and content marketers, staying ahead of the viewing trends and delivering on the promise of online video will be important, as will thinking through the channels by which this content will be delivered.

In 2015, for example, YouTube counted a 46% increase in year-on-year views on mobile devices, with tablet views increasing an incredible 90% year-on-year. source:

Reasons to use video for your business marketing:

  • An online video will generate interest in your business which you cannot afford to ignore.
  • Live link from video to your website will get you referral website visits and a valuable boost to your Google ranking.
  • Video should be part of your marketing strategy as it’s likely to be shared.
  • Video SEO is essential to make the most of your online video in search.

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