Much of our work consists of improving websites which don’t perform well on Google, so if that’s the case with your website, why not call in the experts?

  • All our web-based work is designed to boost clients’ online search results without using Google Adwordssee my portfolio here

Why choose us?

Most web companies produce nice-looking websites but very few can get you up on Google without Google Adwords (which you pay for). We are different. We have perfected an old-school ‘natural search strategy’ which will get you up on Google and keep you there using ethical & Google-compliant means. Great results + great value !  Read more

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Did you know? – Our SEO service makeover will transform your website from poorly-listed also-ran to star billing. No Paid Ads, just proper SEO with valuable backlinks from our sites to get you up on Google and keep you there! Tried and tested in the real world. click to learn more

We are based just outside Kilkenny city and have worked for many local companies as well as others in NI and the UK. We can & do work remotely too. See portfolio

Contact details are here

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My personal Barrow Valley blog has been shortlisted by the Irish Blog Awards | Tavel section. See website: barrowvalley.net