Online Marketing

It makes sense to promote your business online as most non-essential purchases begin with a web search. Website Search Engine Optimisation is the most cost-effective means of marketing your business. Here are the basics you should be doing.

Make sure that:

TIP: Don’t be tempted to buy an email list and send out hundreds of emails. Recipients will mark them as Junk and your subsequent emails will go straight in their Junk folder. You might also get your IP address blacklisted if you add attachments. It’s very hard to recover from this. Read more here

web graphics, logo design, Ireland

Start-up agency business in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

My background experience:

  • My pre-internet marketing experience goes back to the mid 1980s (Ernst & Young HQ, London) when I designed and produced presentation materials on drawing board & computer.
  • In 1984 I completed a BA Hons Degree in photography. I now offer commercial photography and video services.
  • From 1989-2000 I had sole responsibility for Group-wide presentation materials at the headquarters of Rio Tinto PLC – a global mining company.
  • Since then I have freelanced in Ireland and overseas and specialised in web design, WordPress, non-paid SEO services plus commercial photography & video.
  • I don’t rent a big unit nor have a large team to pay for, so my low overheads are passed onto you as cost-effective services of the highest quality.
  • Contact me here for professional seo, web & photography services